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Taichai Nuclear Power Co., LTD and NRI develop stainless steel pipes and fittings
作者:海新特钢 时间:2020-07-02

In the evening of May 31, Taiwan Nuclear Power (002366) announced that the company recently received with the state nuclear power (SNPTC) Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Nuclear industry Institute) signed the national major special scientific research project "nuclear power plant seawater system with super austenitic stainless steel pipe and pipe fittings independent development" contract. This article is reproduced and published by Shanghai Wuyue; The company specializes in the production of all kinds of safety valves, the main series are spring safety valve, pilot safety valve, fluorine lined safety valve, stainless steel safety valve, high temperature and high pressure safety valve, power station safety valve, etc., and life for the use of units to provide technical support related products.

The target of this research is to realize the localization of super austenitic stainless steel pipes and fittings used in seawater systems of nuclear power plants. Master its performance INDEX, MATERIAL composition, smelting and processing technology, test and application performance evaluation technology, etc., HAVE the ability to supply CAP1400 demonstration project.

At present, the super austenitic stainless steel pipes and fittings used in seawater pipes of AP/CAP nuclear power plant water system are all imported from the United States, and the import price of a single unit is about 30-50 million yuan. The number of AP/CAP stack nuclear power units under construction or in the early stage has reached 20, and the market size is conservatively estimated to be 2.5 billion yuan in the next 10 years.

Taihai Nuclear Power said that the contract opens the promotion and application of the company's "hollow electroslag pipe making process" technology to the high-end pipeline market, and is another stage breakthrough achieved since the implementation of the company's pipeline product diversification strategy.

On the evening of the same day, the company announced that it had recently received the "Nuclear Grade Equipment Product Assessment Certificate" issued by China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Nuclear Power Institute").

The manufacturing process evaluation of the main pipeline evaluation part of Hualong One (HPR1000) nuclear power unit completed by the company by the process of "reverse extrusion + forging" has been evaluated and reviewed by the Institute of Nuclear Power, and it is considered that this evaluation meets the requirements of "product or part evaluation" in RCC-M140.

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